Men's Camp

Camp - To get conversations happening between men

Men, fathers and children


We ran this and will run it again just before Fathers day (Friday night), the program was to go camping, tents, fire, etc... booking a camp site in advance and having a very loose program. Men seem to 'need' a reason to get together, creating the event enables the 'need' to be met and allows them to have natural conversations that organically take place.

Camp site costs, BYO food, and some planning time, advertising

I would recommend delegating cooking items, wood, and first aid. Other than this, all that is needed is some promotion and a good list of BYO camping equipment means that each person looks after themselves.

Organisation is minimal but 6 to 8 weeks advertising is recomended.

Weather is the uncontrollable factor, however with clever planning, tarps, and good quality tents, you can still have a great time outdoors in bad weather. if anything it can enhance the shared experience "remember that time when ..."

Book the camp site early to avoid missing your spots.

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