Women's Retreat

A time for building relationships / To be social / to go deeper together

Women aged 20 – 70 years

A weekend is ideal

Friday Night:
People settle in / supper together / set the flavour and point of the weekend / Social games / DVD / music etc.

Morning session after breakfast
Mid morning - free time – swim / walk / read / talk
Lunch - Session just after lunch
Mid afternoon - free time / massages / walk / swim ./ read / talk / laugh / eat / go out on an outing etc.
Dinner - Session after dinner
Night - Play a game together or have multiple games for people to engage in / movies / pool / ping pong etc.

Sunday morning:
Breakfast - Morning session which can include communion together
Pack up and have some hang out time together
Lunch / leave / pray to finish

Hire of a place to retreat

  • Everyone brings a meal to share
  • Games / DVDs / Music

10 hours beforehand + the time you are there

  1. Have a good facilitator to lead the sessions over the weekend
  2. Make sure it is a comfortable environment which allows natural interaction and sharing and fun
  3. Don't over program / be flexible
  4. Make sure the topics are appropriate for all all ages
  5. Make sure you enforce the freedom of acceptance to allow people to open up with their feelings as well as allow others to not feel pressure to always engage.

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