Ping Pong Challenge and Games Night

Fun and social event / Building relationships across the ages

All ages

3-4 hour block that is good for all ages (Friday night / Saturday night / Sunday afternoon)

6.00pm - Eating together (everyone brings a pot luck dinner to share)

7.00pm - Some general games to break down clicks and loosen everyone up (They can be team games / short fun relays - where team work is required)

7.30pm - Set out a whole lot of board games around tables / Pass around the Ping Pong tournament sheet for people to sign up. Allow people connect into a game of their choice and have someone running the Ping Pong tournament throughout the rest of the night

8.30pm - Set out some supper for people to enjoy with tea and coffee and hot chocolate and let the games continue. Have background music to help atmosphere.

9.00pm - Announce the winner of the tournament – Award with a prize or fun trophy. People can leave when they need or continue to hang out and play.

Tea and coffee, Trophy, props for the relay games

  • Sound system
  • Tables and chairs / Board games
  • Utensils and plates / Cups and tea and coffee facilities
  • Ping Pong table / bats and balls
  • Someone to run the relay games
  • Someone to run the Ping Pong tournament knock out sheet
  • Trophy for the winner of the tournament
  • Advertising for people to know when it is on and what to bring

2-4 hours maximum before the event

  1. What does the room look like ? it is comfortable for everyone to relax - this can be done with lighting / music / lounges etc.
  2. Have someone lead the night in a way that is sensitive to all ages and yet can encourage all ages to get involved.
  3. When it gets to the final - have everyone stop and come and cheer the final two on to create a bit of fun and finality to the event!

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