40/40 challenge

Posted by Tammy Tolman , 16 October 2014

For the past 40 days our faith community has been set the challenge to post photos of "being together, sharing together and working together". We called it the 40/40 challenge. ..

An Answered Prayer

Posted by Graham McDonald, 17 June 2013

The Scripture teacher was shopping at the local shopping centre when he heard someone call out, “Mummy, there is my Scripture teacher!”

In Serving and growing we "Collide"

Posted by Tammy, 8 August 2012

As the new year began in a ministry that our whole community is involved in it was a natural thing that we get together and meet as a team. There is nothing unusual or special about that, is there? But if you keep your eyes open and see what God does in the little moments ...

One Generation to the next

Posted by Tim Walter, 7 March 2012

Stain glass windows do very little for me. Sure there is craftsmanship and it is an art to create but I have never understood the meanings or the purpose of them compared to a picture. One Sunday morning one of our older members of the ...

A Return to Simplicity

Posted by Ailsa, 15 December 2011

My life seems so far from the dreams and visions I had in my 20s and 30s... preaching to the multitiudes, leading the multitudes. Just as well: I would have been leading them astray! I feel I was stripped back to nearly nothing ...

Game On

Posted by Shawn, 22 November 2011

Fun is a universal positive. No matter who you, what age, or your culture, fun is accepted and desired. Our small church comunity often looks for common threads which interweave through generations, social classes, genders, etc...

Extended Family

Posted by Nat, 22 November 2011

Since Collide I have noticed the teenagers from our church feel more apart of the extended family of the church. A couple of these teenagers do not have family that attend church and felt very isolated and I can now say they don't...

Pen Power

Posted by Adam, 7 November 2011

Our church was recently challenging us to show gratitude to someone who has helped us, and to try to show it in a creative way. During this time I recieved a letter from a teenager, thanking me for various really nice things...

Newfound Wisdom

Posted by Tim, 2 October 2011

After quite some time I returned to study, finding myself relearning how the academic world works once again. To be honest I was struggling with some areas of my course. I was realy enjoying the learning part, the information was not only inspiring ...