Game On

Posted by Shawn, 22 November 2011

Fun is a universal positive. No matter who you, what age, or your culture, fun is accepted and desired.

Our small church comunity often looks for common threads which interweave through generations, social classes, genders, etc. We believe God is at work and extremely powerful in those common threads. In Oct 2011 our church had its monthly program designed to connect people. This particular month was designed around games and having fun with games. There were many types of board games, a couple social games, and a table tennis tournament. Our prayer was that God would use this space.

What happened was fun. Much of our chuch community, from 2 years old to over 70, along with several who are not part of our church community had fun together. As I took moments to watch how the evening was going, this is what I saw:

In our table tennis tournament (with people ranging from age 6 to 70) I saw a 70 year old woman who was brilliant at table tennis help, coach and encourage a couple teenagers who did not quite understand the game.

I saw Christians and non-Christians talking about life, its joys and difficulties, over a game of Uno.

I saw a CEO, a handy man, a professional gambler, 2 Year 12 boys, 2 teen age girls, 2 primary aged kids play a board game for over an hour with several outbursts of laughter and joy.

I watched several boomers play Jenga while people from all generations stood by and watched with an collective "Ohhhhhh", "Ahhhhhhh", and "Jenga" shouted once in a while.

God used the space that night. He brought solidarity to our small community, engaged non-Christians, and shattered social barriers. All of that with one thing... fun.

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