Extended Family

Posted by Nat, 22 November 2011

Since collide I have noticed the teenagers from our church feel more apart of the extended family of the church. A couple of these teenagers do not have family that attend church and felt very isolated and I can now say they dont.

In particular one girl reached out to my 11 year son who has no other kids his age at church. She has made his Sundays so much more fun. To the point he has now decided to attend night church as well. Awesome.

For the last few weeks we as a church have been learning about Gratitude. In spin this week my son made her a card it said " thankyou for caring for me and making me feel older". She loved it and responded with it will be hung up in my room and I will show you this when your older.

This person has become apart of our family I cater for her on Church picnics, she helps me with my one year old and has time for my other 2 children as well.

In return I give her lifts, time to chat, hug her and just make her feel included.

This has not only been done by myself. There is several families who reach out to this teenager and others in similar ways and they connect with these families as well. So it is a real extended family involved in making these teenagers feeling needed and appreciated. It has made me feel so proud to be apart of the church. But also seeing such awesome results from COLLIDE should be encouraging to all.

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