Newfound Wisdom

Posted by Tim, 2 October 2011

After quite some time I returned to study, finding myself relearning how the academic world works once again. To be honest I was struggling with some areas of my course. I was realy enjoying the learning part, the information was not only inspiring but also practical and I found myself eager to attend classes.

My area of weakness was the assignments, how do you learn to write in an academic way, as a mature aged student there are simply some habits that are hard to break. In a conversation in our Church community a lady overheard my struggle and asked "can I help?". I was unsure what this would look like and my initial reaction was to say "yes" but the motivation was more to allow her to 'show love' than actually thinking she could help me. What I found was a beautiful woman who not only was a pleasure to be around but also in her working life was a university lecturer.

The collision left her with a sense of serving as she helped break down some of my bad habits and enabled me to get the marks that reflected the learning that I was enjoying so much. (she has some great tips that still save me hours and hours on research). What a great collision!

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