An Answered Prayer

Posted by Graham McDonald, 17 June 2013
The Scripture teacher was shopping at the local shopping centre when he heard someone call out, “Mummy, there is my Scripture teacher!”

The mother approached the Scripture teacher and asked, “Are you the one who has been teaching my daughter about praying?” Hesitantly he answered that he was.

The mother went on to tell him that she had been regularly hearing her daughter praying just before going to bed. She added that her daughter always concluded her prayers as she kneeled by her bed with, “Would you please bring Daddy home?”

This really touched her heart, as this family was one of the many in that area where the father had left the family home.

Some months passed, and in the same shopping centre, he heard the girl call out the same recognition of him.

The mother approached and told him how she was so impressed with her daughter’s diligence to pray, that she had also adopted the habit of praying each evening with her daughter. The daughter always ended her prayers asking for the return of her father. One evening, as they were praying together, they heard the front door being opened. The mother said, “There are only two people who have a key to that door. I have one and your father is the other person.” Then they heard the shout, “I am back!”

You can imagine a little of the jubilation that followed, especially when the father stated that he would never leave there again. God heard this little girl’s cry and rewarded her persistence.

One wonders where would that family would be today if it were not for a faithful Scripture teacher teaching a little girl to pray?

Graham McDonald >Written with permission from the Scripture teacher.

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