In Serving and growing we "Collide"

Posted by Tammy, 8 August 2012

As the new year began in a ministry that our whole community is involved in it was a natural thing that we get together and meet as a team. There is nothing unusual or special about that, is there? But if you keep your eyes open and see what God does in the little moments you get a glimpse of small Collisions that are on God's Agenda I believe are large ones.

As part of the meeting I taught the whole team about the Biblical approach of Mentoring. In the room where people, 15 to 65 years of age. We all learning and discussing together. I did not arrange the room or where people sat. I would like to reflect back now and say that when you create environments where all ages are comfortable together then natural mixing across the ages happen. Well it certainly did this day.

I simply asked people to get into partners and discuss 4 verses together and talk about how God saw Mentoring. As I waited for this to happen in pairs I looked around the room to see that no one moved but simply choose the person next to them to work with which meant there were pairs that consisted of a Grandfather and Grandson, a teenage brother and sister, an awkward teenage boy with an elderly wise lady in the community, a new Christian female teenager with a 30 something male father, a single lady and a married man with young kids, and a elder of the church with a non-Christian (who strongly admits she knows God loves her but she doesn’t love him yet) and other such combinations of pairs all reading the Bible and discussing the issues together ... I didn't want the moment to stop and found the visual very overwhelming to see God at work.

It was not planned, it was not set up, it just happened that way and God let me see a glimpse of pure "Collison" where as we serve together, there is opportunity for growing together as well and learning from each other across the ages.

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