A Return to Simplicity

Posted by Ailsa, 15 December 2011

My life seems so far from the dreams and visions I had in my 20s and 30s... preaching to the multitiudes, leading the multitudes. Just as well: I would have been leading them astray! I feel I was stripped back to nearly nothing, yet it was the only way to find what was true.

My vision and goals now, were to Love God and Love People, ie. the people in front of me... my family, my neighbours, whoever I bumped into on the day! I found myself NATURALLY colliding with my childrens friends.

Long story short...

I was not only to disciple our own children but their friends as well! With the help of my 11yr old daughter (who is quite the evangelist) and Amanda (26yrs) another Christian who lives next door, and a fair bit of sincere prayer we managed to gather a half a dozen 11 and 12 yr olds for Friday avos.

They catch the bus from school to where Amanda and I live. Amanda likes to bake so we manage to put on some great avo munchies, then we have some chill out time where we might go for a walk, cook, outdoor games, indoor games, craft or whatever. Our final hour we devote to getting our bibles out, discussion, journaling and prayer.

Amanda and I never stop thanking God cos all these kids (apart from my daughter) are from unbelieving families. But they love Jesus and their bible and are getting real good at finding the books and verses!

While this is going on my 2 sons 16yrs and 13yrs and sometimes their friends are helping with Amanda's two boys who are 4yrs and 2 yrs. Whoever thought that teenage boys could babysit?

So here we have a 45yr old and a 26yr old discipling 11 and 12yr olds while a 13 and 16 yr old babysit t a 2 and 4 yr old. This is not just a Friday 'thing"..these people are in and out of my life daily! And it was all there in front of me!


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