Collide Conference is about challenging and stimulating ideas surrounding the creation of transformational intergenerational environments.

Our 2013 Collide Conference was held in May/June with speakers Peter Lusk (Discovery Church), Terry Williams (SU Queensland) and Andrew Ranucci (Coast Community Church) sharing the journeys their churches are on in exploring intergenerational ministry. Delegates also spent time collaborating and sharing ideas on what these environments would look like in their own contexts.

Information from the talks and sessions will be posted on this website shortly - check back soon.



Many collisions occurred over the weekend as a group of us from all over Australia and NZ explored the possibility and dreamed of what it could look like to of create environments for the people in our communities to collide! It was an extremely life giving, inspiring and blessed weekend together. Children, teens, young people, adults all learning and teaching each other. I know that many more collisions were birthed over this weekend and will explode in the near future because this group took the time out to explore this together. Thank you to everyone who took part. I can't wait to hear and read the stories.



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