Questions to ask...


How can you preview and prepare for grown up life when you keep modelling yourself after other kids?



For a generation that are described as Teflon - nothing seems to stick and where when they are bored they quit how do you teach them commitment and walking the narrow road?



It is easy to escape into so many places today, they are so many voices, are we overwhelmed and sold into the lie that there is value in being stressed and busy?



Is the world moving so fast that you feel so obsolete, that you have given up the right you have to mentor and bring the wisdom of experience?


so...what do we do?

need to be
created in Western Society
to re-teach people to
PLAY/ BE together.


We must re-think the western
silos and aim to wholistically
approach our walk with Jesus


We must empower
with language the
values of a Christ
Centered life.




We must stand for TRUE
where there
is acceptance, forgiveness,
unconditional love that is
everyone’s responsibility.